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Putting on a Brave Face
- June 3, 2016

This article was originally published in Our South Bay. Fillers, injections and other cosmetic procedures are today’s magic wand. A few enchanting needle pricks, and fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s-feet miraculously vanish. It seems fighting the cruelty of age has never been easier. But what if the fairy tale ending of youth you imagined instead […]

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How living with CLOVES has changed my life
- May 9, 2016

I never really thought my syndrome had a significant impact on me as a person. I was alone for most of my life, thinking I was the only person in the world with this rare disease. Until I was correctly diagnosed and met others like me, I really struggled with my differences. I was born […]

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Exceptional by Choice
- March 15, 2016

Seth and I met Dr. Josie Badger at City of Asylum for a theater production last summer.  The TEDx talk she gave last year was very inspirational. You can learn more about Dr. Badger on Facebook or Twitter.

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My Many Faces
- March 10, 2016

  I have had many faces.  Growing up, my physical appearance became an asset that opened many doors and became my main source of income.  I started modeling at the age of sixteen and also worked in the beauty industry.  I had a beautiful daughter, a successful husband, and a loving and supportive family.  From […]

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