My son, Seth,  did a project for his 8th grade German Class called, 24 days of acts of kindness for the Holiday season.  As we discussed several things he would do as acts of kindness, I began to think that this is something that is extremely important to individuals like myself living with facial or bodily disfigurement.

I like to think that each of do an act of kindness every day during the year and not only during the Holiday season.  However, I know that I have been on the other end of not receiving kind words, stares, and ignored because of the way I look.  I would like to challenge each of you every day to do at least 1 simple act of kindness and include those that are elderly, disabled, or disfigured.  Each of us are brave for being present in society each day and having someone who is not kind to us makes us feel invisible.  So when you see someone who is different than you, make us a part of your world by sharing a smile, offering us a hand, or by just saying hello. Each of us are facing a personal battle and having someone showing kindness helps make our battle a little easier.

If you do an act of kindness, please share it with me.