Our minds expose us to different thoughts and feelings deep inside ourselves, which can seem very real.  A million dreams can take us away, but for some people, these dreams don’t always reflect a positive image. At times, these dreams can fill our heads with negative thoughts and will likely cause us to withdraw from social interactions. Furthermore, it also can have a negative impact when we do interact. Some of my reactions to people have been defensive and aggressive. When that has happened, I do anything to flee from the conversation or interaction.

My approach is much different now. I look to understand a situation first and then I engage the situation in order to be understood.  This has worked very well for me and it is one of the tools I continue to use throughout my life.  There are times though, that I still struggle with being understood, but with continued effort, I can see myself changing into the person I want to be.  I continue looking for ways to help me take these thoughts from a negative to a positive. The first thing I do is understand that I am drifting to a place I don’t want to be.  Then I react with strong self-talk to STOP and then I literally stop what I am doing and center myself.  This brings me back to reality where I can start my rebound.

I remind myself that 99% of things I worry about do not come true.  This permits me to be able to move on to create a positive environment with memories of past events and planned future events.  It’s a great time to think of planning something fun and sharing it with others.  Try to look at every interaction through a positive lens, and you will eventually have a positive attitude toward all things. Every one of us has been touched by a traumatic life event, which has changed how we see ourselves. The event is just an event, it does not define who we are as a person.  When you have negative feelings or attitude, it affects how others look at us. Learning how to rebound is not easy and takes a lot of effort.   Setting small goals each week, will help you achieve success in the short term, hence giving you a positive outlook. Make sure you journal each day so that it allows you to see how you transform within that time frame. You will be  surprised at the positive changes you will make. Remember, be patient with yourself. You are a work in progress.


Written By Garfield Meeks