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How Do You Deal With Someone Staring At You?
- January 22, 2017

I’ll be honest and say it took me a long time to deal with people staring at my face – too long. Of course I’m not alone. Many others with a facial or bodily differences take many years to make that adjustment. But some never come to terms with their face or body and how […]

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How do I deal with feeling lopsided?
- November 5, 2016

Dear Susan, Due to cancer surgery several months ago, I have partial paralysis on the right side of my face. My mouth doesn’t look too bad and I try to remember when I speak to try to keep my face relaxed and not move my mouth too much. I’m hesitant to laugh and smile, because […]

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My Many Faces
- March 10, 2016

  I have had many faces.  Growing up, my physical appearance became an asset that opened many doors and became my main source of income.  I started modeling at the age of sixteen and also worked in the beauty industry.  I had a beautiful daughter, a successful husband, and a loving and supportive family.  From […]

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