As I meet new individuals in the beginning stage of their cancer diagnosis, I find that often times they are overwhelmed with many different emotions. They ask how did you get through it? Even though I don’t have all the answers, I do offer support and share what was helpful to me.  I wish I could say that it is the same for everyone but it is not.  What I can say is that itthese are moments in time.  A very close and wise friend who is also a cancer survivor says it is a sabbatical from your real life.  When the grenade blows up your life or those puzzle pieces that you so carefully orchestrated for many years are shattered, it is okay to be upset, angry, scared, in denial or any other emotion that rears it’s ugly head.  Remember you are not alone in those feelings.  Many of us dealing with any catastrophic event goes through the same thing.  Your mind is trying to catch up with what is happening. It is not easy to make sense of it and that’s okay.  Sometimes stuff just happens.  For me, it seemed that God was trying to get my attention and direct me to my new mission.  As hard as it is, stay positive and surround yourself with positive people.  The negative energy will drain you emotionally. This is a time for you to focus on you and beating this ugly disease.  Remember, you are stronger than you think.  This is not the first obstacle you have faced, right?  It may be harder but you are not alone.  There are people like Face2Face Healing, your family, your friends, your healthcare providers and your spiritual leaders there with you on your journey.

One thing that helped me while receiving chemotherapy and radiation was to envision me with the mallet from whack a mole hitting those cancer cells as hard as I could.